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Happy Birthday Cheryl !!


St Georges Day

The residents celebrated St Georges day.¬†Saint George’s Day is the feast day of Saint George and the National Day for England, although it is not an official national holiday in England. It is celebrated by various Christian churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint. Saint George’s Day is celebrated on 23 April, the traditionally accepted date of Saint George’s death in AD 303.

The residents in all units did artwork on St George and shared songs. The patriotic spirit was very evident. It was a good experience for the residents to use their artwork skills.


Easter Spirit Already in Care Home……..

Tomorrow will be Good Friday, however the residents have already spent the week making their own Easter cards, decorating Easter Eggs, and making their own Easter Bonnets. Below are some pictures of them having fun…..¬†ImageImage

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