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Moulded Food – A Real Treat!

Elderly residents at the Vicarage Court Care Home have seen their dishes literally take shape with the introduction of moulded food portions.

Residents at Vicarage Court Care Home who struggled with solid food can lose weight as the pureed alternative offered to them may not whet their appetite.

So staff have been forming the food into meat and vegetable shapes in an effort to make them more palatable.

Care home manager, Ann Wood said, “One of the main issues we found in encouraging residents to eat meals was the presentation. People eat with their eyes, so providing food our residents can identify and presenting it well, encourages them to eat better and reduces weight loss.”

Cooks worked with visiting dietician to plan menus which would meet the nutritional needs of the residents, aided by fortified drinks and food supplements.

“We now provide diets of the appropriate texture and consistency, which our residents enjoy,” said Ann. “We can offer even meat, fruit, vegetables, fish, and puddings. Our cooks discuss menus with the residents and if they do not like anything on the menu, we will prepare special meals of their choice.”

“This means that we can provide them with food and drinks that meets their individual needs and preferences. We can also identify how much people have eaten, as the moulds contain a pre-measured amount of food. We can also fortify the food with the extra calories or vitamins, if required. Then we put it into a mould and shape it to look like the food item.”

“In many carehomes, residents on a pureed diet had their whole meal blended together. At Vicarage Court Care home the food looks better and the residents are eating better.”

Cook Julie Williams shows a plate with a resident and Claire Hennessey.


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