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Communion at Vicarage Court

Every month christian volunteers come to the care home to do communion with the residents who wish to join in. Below is a video of the December communion.


Service of the Holy Communion

The care home now has the “Service for the Holy Communion” . This has been happening for a few weeks and is much appreciated by many residents. The care home would like to thank Elizabeth Haigh who is the daughter of May Haigh, who has taken this initiative.

So every 1st Tuesday of every month, Elizabeth Haigh and Harry Copley will be doing the service at 10.30am. We already have a number of residents who partake in it, but if other families wish to take advantage of this, then everyone is welcome to attend.

Below are some pictures……

Elizabeth Haigh & Harry Copley

Elizabeth Haigh & Harry Copley

Holy Communion

Holy Communion




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