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Wonderful Carol Askew !!

We would like to pay tribute to a wonderful human being who very sadly passed away at the weekend. Unfortunately she had been unwell for the last 18months.

Carol Askew was the Deputy Manager for the Vicarage Court Care home from 28th February 1996. She had an exceptional personality.

She had an infectious smile  and a very loving and caring nature. She had a wonderful rapport with residents and staff. As owners, we saw Carol as a model carer and she would mentor many of the staff to improve their caring skills.

Carol always “mothered” everyone. It was like love flowed from her to everyone who was around her.

Myself and everyone at the carehome will miss Carol and all the sunshine she brought into many peoples lives.

May God bless her and all her family…..

Mr J Singh

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Upcoming Christmas events

We have a number of events that are coming up to do with Christmas  as well as the large Christmas party on the 18th December from 1-3pm.

The other events include a number of residents visiting St Wilfreds School to interact with the children there. This is an important event, unfortunately many youth do not have access to grandparents and have connection and ultimately respect for “the greatest generation”.

It is a good opportunity for them to engage each other and bridge the gap.

Then we also have the annual Carol service from the Junior School and infant School. More details will be released soon.


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