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Xmas Fayre

We held a Xmas fayre on 3rd December which had many stalls. The residents enjoyed the day  sampling the offers from all the stores.

DSCF6584 DSCF6585 DSCF6587 DSCF6588 DSCF6590 DSCF6591 DSCF6594 DSCF6592 DSCF6593 DSCF6589 DSCF6585 DSCF6586

Every month christian volunteers come to the care home to do communion with the residents who wish to join in. Below is a video of the December communion.

The residents enjoyed a special Xmas puppet show. It is something different but fun for residents. Below are many videos of the event. Then pictures of residents interacting with the puppets.

DSCF6614 DSCF6615 DSCF6623 DSCF6629



As part of the Xmas festivities, earlier last week, we have local school children coming into the Vicarage Court Care home to sing to the residents. It was a nice experience for residents, families and schoolchildren.


The residents had a busy week with the puppet show and various other Xmas. On Friday this was the Xmas party…. We had a special live singer which the residents enjoyed. Below is the pics and video…

DSCF6638 DSCF6640 DSCF6641 DSCF6642 DSCF6701 DSCF6702 DSCF6704


As in previous years, the Vicarage Court care home held a special Christmas Dinner on Saturday 19th December for families who will not be able to spend Xmas day together as a family.

This years many families took up the option and enjoyed a festive day. The menu was below:

Starter  – Homemade Tomato Soup with Bread Rolls or Prawn Cocktail.

Main Course – Traditional Roast Turkey served with Roast potatoes or mash, Julienne carrots, button sprouts, stuffed balls, pigs in blankets, roasted parsnips, and Yorkshire Puddings…. with Glasses of Bucks Fizz

Desert – Christmas pudding with brandy sauce or Trifle

followed by Tea and Coffee served with warm mince pies and mints..

Below are pictures of the event.

DSCF6658 DSCF6660 DSCF6661 DSCF6662 DSCF6663 DSCF6664 DSCF6665 DSCF6666 DSCF6667 DSCF6668 DSCF6670 DSCF6672 DSCF6674 DSCF6676 DSCF6678 DSCF6680

Residents and staff have had a great day today at the Vicarage Court Care Home. All residents had presents from the Care home directors….

DSCF6758 DSCF6759 DSCF6760 DSCF6762 DSCF6764 DSCF6766 DSCF6750 DSCF6751 DSCF6752 DSCF6706 DSCF6708 DSCF6710 DSCF6713 DSCF6717 DSCF6718 DSCF6720 DSCF6723 DSCF6728 DSCF6732 DSCF6737 DSCF6738 DSCF6742 DSCF6745 DSCF6746 DSCF6747 DSCF6748 DSCF6750 DSCF6708 DSCF6751 DSCF6752 DSCF6753 DSCF6757 DSCF6758


Friday 4th December – 12 noon – Christmas Fayre

Monday 7th December – 10am – Carol Service

Wednesday 9th December – 3pm – St Wilfreds Xmas Lunch

Friday 11th December – 2pm – Special Xmas Puppet Show

Tuesday 15th December – 1.30pm – School Choir Service

Thursday 17th December – 2pm – Music duo live show

Friday 18th December – 12 noon – Residents Xmas Party with buffet and live Singer.

Saturday 19th December – Special Family Xmas Dinner (reserved places only)

Monday 21st December – 2pm – Special Xmas Bingo

Thursday 24th December – 2pm – Xmas Carols Sing Along with Mulled Wine & Mince Pies.

Residents on the “Forget Me Not Unit” had a fantastic day of fun, singing and laughter on Thursday 20th August. Special singer Kevin Kitchen sang for the residents and done his comedy sketches. Resident JM enjoyed his birthday and families joined in the festivities.

Resident MJ said, “it was lovely, we had so much fun. The singer got us all dancing….. ”

Further singers are booked for more parties. We have Alan Turner, who was an X-Factor finalist is back on Friday 9th October and Kevin Kitchen is back Monday 26th October.

DSCF6350 DSCF6352 DSCF6356 DSCF6358 DSCF6364 DSCF6365 DSCF6367 DSCF6368 DSCF6373 DSCF6374 DSCF6375 DSCF6376 DSCF6378 DSCF6380 DSCF6382


Staff and residents are fundraising for MacMillian Nurses on Friday 25th September at 10am. Unit manager Sally Ann Bryan will be dressing up as a male, and family member Geoff will be dressing up as a woman. They will then be doing a walk in Vicarage Gardens. Both are being sponsored by staff and families members.

We will also be doing cake competition with a prize for winning cake. If anyone wishes to enter the cake competition then please contact Janet.

Our hairdresser kate will be doing manicures and staff have a non-uniform day, but they will be wearing pink for cancer.


New classes have now started in the units at the care home.  These include the favourites such as Tai Chi, Gardening Club, Dance Class and Memory Book. However we have a new class called Sing Your Self Happy.



New Schedule :-

Monday morning  – Church Service (monthly)

Monday afternoon – Gardening Club

Tuesday morning- Dance Class

Tuesday afternoon- Holistic therapies

Wednesday morning – Dance Class

Wednesday afternoon- Memory Book

Thursday morning- Tai Chi

Thursday afternoon – Sing Myself Happy

Friday morning – Residents Meeting or Coffee Morning ( Monthly)

Friday afternoon – Various Mixed Activities

Happy Birthday!!!

One of residents celebrated his birthday with a musical party today. Many of his relatives came to party and all the residents of the home enjoyed music from a 12 piece band….

DSCF6336 DSCF6349

Video from the event.

Upcoming Events….

The following is a list of up coming events at the care home

Thursday 30th July – Big Summer party with live singer
Monday 3rd August – Church service
Tuesday 11th August – Holistic Pampering Day
Tuesday 11th August – Special Birthday Party with live singer
Thursday 20th August – Special live singer on Forget Me not Unit.
Tuesday 25th August – Holistic Pampering Day
Friday 28th August – Coffee Morning and Bon Marche

The regular weekly classes will continue as normal in September
These include :-
Tai Chi on Thursday mornings,
Gardening classes on Monday afternoon,
Memory Book on Wednesday afternoon,
Dance on Wednesday morning,
Sing Myself Happy Class on Thursday afternoon.

Other events for your diary.
X factor Finalist singer Alan Turner will return and do a live performance on Friday 9th October at the care home.
War time Songs on Friday 6th November on Remembrance weekend by a live singer.
Xmas Fare on Friday 4th December
Xmas Carol service on Monday 7th December
Xmas Puppet show on Friday 11th December
Xmas Party on Friday 18th December
Johnny Evans live singer on Wednesday 30th December

Nearly three-quarters of residents feel happier and less isolated after moving to a care home

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

Seventy-four per cent of residents feel happier or just as happy and experience less isolation after moving to a care home, according to a new survey.
The research carried out by Hallmark Care Homes found 89 per cent of residents take part in a social activity at least once a week compared to before joining the care home.

Twenty-three per cent of people surveyed said that their relative or friend lived with a partner before they moved into a care home. Fifty-nine per cent had been living alone for over five years prior to their move.

Avnish Goyal, managing director for Hallmark Care Homes and chair of Care England said: “It is widely recognised that social isolation is a growing issue among older people. This is a problem which is likely to develop as time goes by given our aging population and the constraints on the social care budget.

“Our research shows that those living within our communities of care benefit from regular social interaction and take the opportunity to join planned activities, thereby enhancing their quality of life and increasing their levels of happiness.”

He added: “However, it is important to stress that the approach to social activity should be centred on the individual resident and their preferences which is why we make great efforts to find out as much about our residents as we can prior to moving in using our ‘About Me’ booklet which gives us insight into the social activities that they might enjoy.”

The residents have been enjoying the warm weather. The care home is blessed with 2 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens and large courtyards and balcony areas, which the residents have been enjoying.  There have been lots of extra drinks, choc ices and ice lollies enjoyed.

Due to the very warm weather, the residents on the “Forget Me Not Unit” were given the option of having their formal dining Alfresco style, which some of them took up the option… are below…..

Alfresco dining


A video from an American supported living facility. We are planning on making our own version of this… Families are welcome to join in the project….



At the Vicarage Court Care, we run many weekly classes for the residents. These include dance, tai chi, gardening, memory books and “Sing yourself happy”. Families as well as residents can participate in these classes.

These operate across the units, so that those on the Forget Me Not unit , plus the residential and nursing can join in.

Below is a scene from a recent dance class.

From todays class….


The residents and staff at Vicarage Court care home love their parties. This year the Easter one did not disappoint in any way. The residents favourite celebrity singer, Alf Berry, from Hull got the residents in the dancing mood. Residents from all units joined in….

The Party included a large buffet, stalls and a raffle.

Below are videos and pictures of the residents and staff having some fun.


“Sweet Caroline”

Some more classics…..

The finale has to be “You Never Walk Alone”

Ethel winning her prize in the raffle….







As many of you know, Vicarage Court Care home has many partnerships with local schools and colleges. On 26th March 2015, local schoolchildren performed for the residents at the care home as part of the Easter festivities.

The performance was enjoyed by the residents and the children had an opportunity to interact with residents. Below is a short video of the performance.



My apologies, as I have not updated the blog for all of the things we have done at the care home this year. So today, my aim is upload as much of it as possible. Below are the pictures on Christmas day 2014. My 5 year old son and my 9 year old daughter came in and distributed xmas presents to all the staff and residents.

Enjoy the pictures………..

DSCF5858 DSCF5859 DSCF5860 DSCF5861 DSCF5862 DSCF5863 DSCF5865 DSCF5867 DSCF5869 DSCF5871 DSCF5872 DSCF5874 DSCF5878 DSCF5879 DSCF5881 DSCF5882 DSCF5883 DSCF5886 DSCF5887 DSCF5888 DSCF5889 DSCF5890 DSCF5891 DSCF5894

On the 10th march 2015, the care home had the annual visit from Environmental Health. The care home once again achieved its 5 star rating for Scores on the Doors.

The care home has continuously had the highest environmental health rating for the last 9 years. Well done to Julie, Christine and all the team.

scores_on_the_doors_main DSCF6175

As part of National Care home Open day, last Friday we hosted The Manchester Trio. They have played at the care home before, but this time they brought some friends.

It was lovely music. Residents came from all the units into the large main lounge. Below is video and some pictures. It was a very enjoyable day.

DSCF6239 DSCF6238 DSCF6237

I will be sharing a few videos. The aim is enhance knowledge of staff and families.

Below is a very powerful video showing the experience of a resident who has dementia from her perspective.

I personally found it very moving and emotional. While the movie is based around experiences in a hospital, but it has lessons that carehome staff can learn.

In the Person centered training course that I do, I cover many aspects of dementia care that I learned from Tom Kitwood when I did my Dementia Care Mapping course.

Our aim should always be to ensure in every shift that you work to bring light into the lives of all of our residents. Ensure meaningful and positive interactions so that they want to live, achieve, enjoy the next phase of their lives in this care home.

Please take time to watch this video. I watched in many times to learn as much as I can from it.


Mr J Singh,


Dear friends and families,

The residents and staff at the Vicarage Court Care home have been busy preparing for our Easter Big Bash on Wednesday 1st April at the Carehome.

All friends and families are welcome to join the celebrations on the day between 1pm and 3pm. The Party will have special live Singer Alan Turner from X Factor fame. He is very well liked by the residents at the home.

The party will have a buffet, tumbola, raffle, cake stall and hand made jewellery stall by Yvonne Stern.

We have not updated this blog for a number of months. We have so much to put up from the Xmas parties and events, the big Summer fete, Beach trip, numerous live parties, puppet show, Classic music events, Tai Chi classes, Gardening club, dancing classes, Reiki, aromatherapy, and arts & crafts events. We will be putting these videos and pictures up over the next few weeks on this blog.

Dates for the future include Anzac Day celebrations on Friday 24th April and many events booked for Dementia Week in May.

Vicarage Court Management


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