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Christmas Carol Service

On Thursday 10th December, we had the first of 3 scheduled carol services over the festive period.

Residents Visit to Local School

On the 6th December, some our residents and staff visited a local school.

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Christmas Fare….

On the 8th December, the care home had its Christmas Fare. It was a very busy event with many families and residents involved. Below are a video and pictures of the event.

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2nd Christmas Carol Service

Our Local Primary School came to the care home on the 11th December to sing Christmas Carols for the residents… Videos and Pictures are below….

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Forget Me Not Unit Xmas party

The Residents and Staff had a lot of fun at the special Xmas party for the Forget me Not Unit. Videos are below…..




Two Singing dogs… I got you Babe… & 90th Birthday party

Thursday 15th December was an eventful day at the care home. We had a 90th Birthday party for a resident and we were visited by two Singing dogs…. Please see video and pics below….

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Christmas Dinner Service

On the 16th December, the care home hosted its annual Xmas dinner service. This is organised so that families can spend the xmas dinner together, even if they cannot come on Christmas day. It has become a large event with over 50 family members joining the residents for the Xmas dinner. Below are some pictures from the day…..

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3rd Xmas Carol Service

We have had a number of Xmas events at the care home courtesy of Janet, our activities co-ordinator. Below are a video and pictures from the 3rd Xmas Carol Service.




Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas at the carehome. Santa visited the residents this morning.

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Xmas Events

We have many events over the Xmas period in addition to our normal classes. Below is a list…

Monday 5th December – 10am – Church service

Wednesday 7th December – 3pm – 5pm – St Wilfred Xmas Meal

Friday 9th December – 1pm – 3pm – Big Xmas Fair

Monday 12th December – 1.45pm – North Featherstone School Carol Service

Tuesday 13th December – 2pm – Forget Me Not Unit Xmas Party ( Special guest Singer Kevin Kitchen)

Friday 16th December – 2pm- Xmas Sing-a-long with mulled wine and mince pies

Saturday 17th December – Midday- Xmas Relatives Dinner (tickets only)

Monday 19th December – 2pm –┬áBig Xmas Party ( Special Guest Singer – Alan Turner from X- factor)

Friday 23rd December – 2pm – Special Event – Liquorice Singers

Friday 30th December – 1.45pm – New years Sing-a-long

These events are in addition to the regular classes such as Tai Chi, Gardening, Memory Books, Dance and holistic therapies.




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