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Fun, singing & laughter on Forget Me Not Unit

Residents on the “Forget Me Not Unit” had a fantastic day of fun, singing and laughter on Thursday 20th August. Special singer Kevin Kitchen sang for the residents and done his comedy sketches. Resident JM enjoyed his birthday and families joined in the festivities.

Resident MJ said, “it was lovely, we had so much fun. The singer got us all dancing….. ”

Further singers are booked for more parties. We have Alan Turner, who was an X-Factor finalist is back on Friday 9th October and Kevin Kitchen is back Monday 26th October.

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Fundraising for Macmillian Nurses on Friday 25th September

Staff and residents are fundraising for MacMillian Nurses on Friday 25th September at 10am. Unit manager Sally Ann Bryan will be dressing up as a male, and family member Geoff will be dressing up as a woman. They will then be doing a walk in Vicarage Gardens. Both are being sponsored by staff and families members.

We will also be doing cake competition with a prize for winning cake. If anyone wishes to enter the cake competition then please contact Janet.

Our hairdresser kate will be doing manicures and staff have a non-uniform day, but they will be wearing pink for cancer.


Sing Your Self Happy!!

New classes have now started in the units at the care home.  These include the favourites such as Tai Chi, Gardening Club, Dance Class and Memory Book. However we have a new class called Sing Your Self Happy.



New Schedule :-

Monday morning  – Church Service (monthly)

Monday afternoon – Gardening Club

Tuesday morning- Dance Class

Tuesday afternoon- Holistic therapies

Wednesday morning – Dance Class

Wednesday afternoon- Memory Book

Thursday morning- Tai Chi

Thursday afternoon – Sing Myself Happy

Friday morning – Residents Meeting or Coffee Morning ( Monthly)

Friday afternoon – Various Mixed Activities

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