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Next party dates….

We will be having another party on Wednesday 7th November to celebrate the birthday of Mabel Oakley.

Poster is below. Everyone welcome… Special singer invited and open buffet for everyone…

mabel oakley birthday poster



Mary Hill Birthday Party !

On Monday, we celebrated Mary Hill’s Birthday Party. As with every year, Mary’s family comes from Scotland. They have always supported the care home. This party is an annual event.

Steven, who lives locally has always been there for Mary. he is one the care home most regular visitors.

Below are some videos of the fantastic party. We had celebrity singer Alf Berry from Hull. The residents enjoyed the buffet and the danced all day.

Videos from party


Golden Girl – Margaret Edwards and more pics from party

100th Birthday Party of Margaret Edwards – Part 1


Liquorice lady Margaret Edwards celebrated her 100th Birthday at the Vicarage Court care home with a 1940’s song and dance.
Daughter “Judith Jones said, “My mum had a wonderful time on her birthday, she really enjoyed seeing everyone and the care home staff are absolutely brilliant.”
Mr Singh, Chief Executive at Vicarage Court said, “Margaret  Edwards received 50 individual birthday cards which were hand made by the other residents, as well as the telegram from the Queen.  She was a picture of happiness.”
Below is the full Pontefract & Castleford Express coverage of the party on pdf. Just click it to open file….


Special Cake for a Special Man

One of our residents who wishes to remain anonymous, had a special birthday. So our staff decided to make him a special cake.

As he was a handyman by profession, below is the picture of cake that was made for him.

Royal Wedding Day !!

The residents had a fantastic day watching the Royal Wedding and celebrating this occasion.

We arranged for special hats for the special day. They had an amazing time watching TV, with their flags and fresh cream cupcakes.

Welcome to Vicarage Court Care Home !

We decided to change the name of the care home, due to the fact that we are no longer an “old” building. Instead the majority of the care home is  a modern and state of the art facility. It would seem odd to call such a facility the “Old Vicarage” anymore.

Hence welcome to “The Vicarage Court Care Home”.

It has the 30 year history of the finest care in amazing yorkshire countryside setting.

Jon Trickett MP opens the new wing of the care home

Jon Trickett was delighted to be asked to open the new extension to the Vicarage Court Care Home in North Featherstone.  Jon is photographed with the Chief Executive of the care home, Mr J Singh, the care manager and one of the residents.  After the visit Jon said:  “There was a lovely atmosphere in the home.  It was quite clear that residents felt cared for.  The new facilities are fantastic and  Mr Singh, his family and the care assistants are committed to making the lives of those who enter their home as pleasant and stimulating as possible.  One of the residents I was speaking to told me she has a regular conversation with her son who lives abroad via a portable computer and other residents enjoy playing on computer fitness games” 



Fresh cream cakes day!!!

Since we have opened the new wing at the care home, we now have 5 chefs in the kitchen. Two of these have over 20 years of experience. Everything is made from fresh and the food is very nutritious.

However on Thursday 20th September, Sam Christie was in the kitchen and we decided to have a fresh cream cakes day. The residents do regular have fresh cream buns, but this was on a different scales. Below are some pictures…..

The residents and families on that day really spoiled themselves…..

Back again!!!

Hi everyone,

I know we have not updated the blog for a long time…. but this was due to spending two years building a fantastic new building…..which is now open. We have so much content to share with you and will be doing that over the next few months. So many parties, so many events, and so much fun at the carehome… So we will start sharing …. enjoy…..

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