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Peggy Carvers Birthday

Today the residents celebrated Peggy Carvers birthday. I will leave it Peggy to let anyone know how old she is, but she is doing well.

Below are some pictures of Peggy cutting her cake, while the other residents sang her Happy Birthday!

Courses! Courses! Courses!

Congratulations to Natalie Thorpe, Jan Howes and Carol Askew,  who passed their courses on “Caring for People affected by Stroke”.

Congratulations to Linda Cadman who passed her course on “Dementia”.

Congratulations to  Jean Chilton and Claire Hennessey who passed their course on “Palliative Care”.

Congratulations to Maritess and Ronalynn who passed their course in “Medication”.

Congratulations to Maritess, Ronalynn and Christine Snowden, who passed their courses in “Food hygiene”

Congratulations to Natalie Thorpe, Sue Hodgeson, Kayleigh Ratcliffe, and Denise Poole, who have passed their “Health & Safety”.

School children singing for the residents

The day after the Easter party, we had arranged for the local school children to come to the care home. They spent time talking to the residents.

Later the children sang songs for  the residents and they also brought cakes for everyone to share….

Easter Party

We had a very nice party to celebrate Easter. The residents enjoyed a good sing a long and danced away.

The chef made a buffet for all the residents and family members who attended.

Pictures of the winners in the raffle prizes are below…

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