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Congratulations to staff who have just passed their courses!

Congratulations to all staff who have passed courses.

Jean Chilton (manager) and Claire Hennessey (deputy manager) have just passed the course – “Caring for people affected by Stroke”.

Linda Southall (cook) has completed her NVQ in Catering & Hospitality

Janet Steeper (night carer) has completed her NVQ Level 3 in Care.

Some videos from Wii boxing…..

Ronald showing how it should be done……..

Pam doing boxing…

mable doing boxing

The start of the Wii Olympics & Krypton Factor

For Christmas, the owners brought a Wii system for the residents, in addition to their individual presents. Many of you will be familiar with the Wii game system, which allows fun with exercise.

The system will be used regularly in addition to all the other activities, such as armchair aerobics, bingo, beachball, puzzles, quizs, painting, aromotheraphy, reflexology, cooking, etc.

When I brought the Wii, I specifically brought games like that I thought residents would like, such as Keith Chegwins Quiz, Carnival Games, etc. However residents seem to love the bowling, baseball, tennis and boxing.

We are developing our own competitions like Wii Olympics and Krypton Factor, which will mentally stimulate the residents, aswell make everything fun. Below are some pictures of the residents with staff having fun.   (put mouse over pic for pic titles)

Dealing with the Cold Spell……

Everyone wants a white christmas, but this year, I personally cannot wait for the snow to go.

A few days are fine, when you get beautiful pictures of scenery, making snowmen and the occasional snow fight!

Below is the snowman that ryan made inthe carehome garden, and some pictures.

A few families did ask if it was safe to come and visit during the worst days of the cold spell. Many families who have 4×4 vehicles did come and visit.

At the carehome, the owners have contingency plans for all possible scenarios. When the snow first fell, Mr G Singh brought large industrial bags of salt grit. These were delivered by truck, and has been enough to last us for the whole month. Everyday, the owners have shovelled the snow and spread the grit, so the car park, entrance to the care home, is always accessible.

Unfortunately, the council has not been as regular with gritting the road up the carehome. However on many days, we use our grit to make the road as accessible as possible.    

more pics…..

It Christmas & Santa`s here!!!

Santa arrived at the carehome on Christmas day. He distributed cards and presents from the care home owners to the residents.

Jean`s husband, John makes a very convincing Santa. Residents enjoyed plenty of food and drink.

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