Care, Compassion & Companionship

The Old Vicarage Residential Home in North Featherstone recently had an unannounced inspection from environmental health department from Wakefield council. It was part of the annual inspection programme.

The inspector was highly impressed by the hard work, dedication and high standards at the Old Vicarage care home, and awarded the home, 5 out of 5 stars, “excellent” rating for it “scores on the doors scheme”.

The care home has always maintained high standards with its goal as being the “best care home in West Yorkshire”. It has a warm welcoming environment and lives by its ethos of “care, compassion and companionship”. The home now offers daycare for all elderly residents, aswell as its specialist care for dementia.

Below are pictured Jean Chilton (Care manager with 15 years experience), Linda Southall (Chef with 17 years experience) and Carol Askew (deputy manager with  12 years of experience). All of the staff have gained all of this experience while working at the Old Vicarage Care Home, which prides itself on the enjoyable family atmosphere at the home. The kitchen is also complimented by two other chefs, Stacy Askew and Christine Coe.


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